FACELAB: A Declaration of Independence

We believe that with rebellion, awareness is born. An awareness that recognizes individuality while embracing community. An awareness that the only logical way to conduct itself, in both business and life, is with abundant respect for the planet and its inhabitants.

Our commitment: create formulas that push beyond the established boundaries of green chemistry. Our mandate: limit our carbon footprint. Our fundamental belief: restoring the health of our planet is imperative.

We recognize that beauty comes from creating balance and harmony in life — a philosophy reflected in our precise formulations. We reject calls to "think outside the box", because we don't believe in boxes to begin with. We trust that creating efficacious, science-driven skin care that reflects our passion for the beauty of life will inspire you to unveil your truth and your beauty.

Not only will we create the best topical nutrients and skin care on the planet, we will change the status quo, question everything, be rebels with a cause and propagate the possibility of riotous bliss.

Finally, we believe that whoever has the most fun wins. Let's all win. Go, humans.

xx, M